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Personality Dimensions®

Fees and Registration InformationPersonality Dimensions® is a dynamic system that is a culmination of the research and validation work that has been done in Canada since 2003, to support temperament theory and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, and effective communication strategies.


“personality dimensions is helpful in learning who I am and how I can interact successfully with others”

“Susan was knowledgeable, entertaining and got participants actively involved in the workshop”

“knowing there are different personalities or ‘colours’ out there and keeping this in mind when interacting and working with others”

Personality Dimensions® is based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour and helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. This interactive human relations and communications process enhances the basic values of self-esteem, dignity and self-worth.


Personality Dimensions® is a human relations tool based on leading-edge research in human motivation and behaviour. It helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. Presented in an informative, interactive, self-discovery format, this new interactive human relations and communications process/model enhances the basic values of self esteem, dignity, and self worth. An understanding of temperament theory is invaluable to a wide range of applications.

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Communication Styles

Personality Dimensions® will foster and deepen the understanding of self and others; develop the ability to communicate with and understand individuals of all temperaments; improve relationships with family and friends; and build strong interpersonal relations.

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In Education

Personality Dimensions® is the vehicle by which educators can become aware of their own strengths and values, as well as the strengths and values of their students. Educators will be able to design and implement curriculum components to more effectively work with their students and help students to gain a greater sense of self-worth as well as an ability to recognize and maximize their natural preferences in a variety of school experiences. The ability to work well in groups and teams, as well as independently is more important than ever in preparing students for their life path.

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In Parenting

Discover how your personality motivates the way you behave as a parent and how your child’s personality interacts with your own. Learn how to recognize your greatest parenting strengths and weaknesses and how to free yourself to become a true guide and mentor to your child.

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